Drive engineering

Our drive engineering can be understood as a technical discipline that generally deals with technology systems that are need for the creation of movement through power transmission. This also includes the drive source, control of the appropriate drive elements as well as technology that is required to provide the respective machine with energy. Thus, general drive engineering can include elements of mechatronics, electrical drive engineering, electro-pneumatics and electro-hydraulics.

Drive engineering is a key element of the power transmission process that is performed in large gear units, such as those that are installed in wind turbines, oil platforms, cable cars and tunnel boring machines. We manufacture a wide range of casting components that are used in drive engineering. Our products are designed to withstand extremely high levels of stress and achieve the highest levels of quality, which is validated by ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant testing and x-ray inspection. We are a reliable supplier of casting components for drive engineering applications and our components are able to resist high mechanical and thermal loads. Our engineering capabilities enable us to advise and support you with the design and development of your components using Pro/Engineer CAD data exchange software. We perform mould filling and solidification simulations for your casting components that will be used in the drive engineering industry. In addition, we ensure that we satisfy increasingly stringent requirements by continually developing our materials.

Drive engineering for large gears

The Silbitz group offers extremely durable components made of cast iron of the highest quality standards for your drive engineering. The high quality of our casting parts can be proven with the use of x-ray machines or ultrasound, as well as through dye penetrant and magnet powder testing. Our products are used specifically in cable cars, oil rigs, wind turbines and tunnel boring machines and many other applications. As a reliable partner, we will provide you with casting parts that can withstand high thermal and mechanical stresses.

Support with the development of your cast parts

Our engineers will advise you and provide you with constructive support with the help of electronic data exchange for the development of the components in the area of drive engineering needed for your project. Furthermore, we will offer you a mould filling and solidification simulation for your cast components where you can convince yourself of the high level of quality of our work. Our development department is constantly working on new materials that will also meet the ever-increasing pressures of drive engineering even in the future.

The Silbitz group - a reliable partner at your side

With our many years of experience and our high level of innovation, we are a reliable partner for your demanding drive engineering. The expansion of renewable energies will continue to progress in the future and the efficient use of wind and water power in particular, requires the use of extremely durable materials. Even in the future, we will make sure that your plants are equipped with drive engineering components made of reliable materials, even if the wind turbines get taller and bigger.

Drive engineering for planetary gears

Planetary gears form a large proportion of the large gears. We manufacture bearing housings, torque supports, flanges and covers made of the material EN-GJS-400-18LT, EN-GJL for your planetary gears as well as housings made of EN-GJL-400-15, EN-GJL and planetary carriers made of EN-GJS-700-2, alloyed steel cast. All components are available in different weight classes.

Tailor-made solutions for your drive engineering

The Silbitz group is your reliable casting partners for drive engineering components, which are exposed to enormous mechanical and thermal stresses. Our engineering team is able to provide you with constructive advice and support you at any time with the development of your components using e-data exchange.

Contact us and present us with your project so that we can find the best solution.

We look forward to our good cooperation.

Planet spider

Drive engineering planet gear carrier planetary spider

Description: Planet spider

Weight per piece: 20 – 45.000 kg

Material: EN-GJS-700-2, alloyed GS

State on delivery: mechanically machined including primer (optional)

Bearing housing

Silbitz Group cast iron bearing housing for drive engineering

Description: Bearing housing

Weight per piece: 10 – 45.000 kg/St

Material: EN-GJS-400-18LT, EN-GJL

State on delivery: mechanically machined including primer (optional)

Torque support

Silbitz Group cast iron torque support for drive engineering

Description: Torque support

Weight per piece: 200 – 45.000 kg/St

Material: EN-GJS-400-18-LT, EN-GJL

State on delivery: mechanically machined including primer (optional)


Flanges in drive engineering

Description: Flange

Weight per piece: 10 – 45.000 kg

Material: EN-GJS-400-18LT, EN-GJL

State on delivery: mechanically machined including primer (optional)

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Silbitz Group cast iron cover for drive engineering

Description: Cover

Weight per piece: 10 – 45.000 kg/St

Material: EN-GJS-400-18LT, EN-GJL

State on delivery: mechanically machined including primer (optional)


Silbitz Group cast iron housing for drive engineering

Description:  Housing

Weight per piece: 10 – 45.000 kg/St

Material: EN-GJL-400-15,EN-GJL

State on delivery: mechanically machined including primer (optional)